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Happy Dog Spa Salon and Mobile Groming offers a unique experience for your dog. Our Certified Professional Groomer provides your dog with an elite and specialized grooming experience based on their individual needs.

Aroma therapy scents are used to create a calming environment. We use high quality shampoos and conditioners to treat their coat to optimize health. Add-on spa treatments are available such as a relaxing massage that can ease pain and stiffness. Or fun bling accessories like color, feathers, flowers, or jewels to add a bit of pazazz!

There are two options for your dog's spa experience: Salon or Mobile Services. Whichever service you choose, your dog will receive
 the care and spa experience they deserve. Your pup will come away from their spa appointment more relaxed, happy, and of course, gorgeous!

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WelcomeSpa Services & PricingContact UsFAQPhotosSalon Contributors